About us

Norfolk Bay Gourmet Seafoods is a locally owned and operated business based on the beautiful south east coast of Tasmania.

Our roots can be traced back to the early 1990’s when a local Tasmanian lady named Rosalie Schwertfeger from the township of Eaglehawk Neck on Norfolk Bay, decided to branch out from her traditional fishing business of catching and selling fresh octopus and fish. In 1994 Rosalie started a small home run business called Norfolk Bay Octopus and was smoking & pickling some of her octopus as a sideline to her commercial fishing operation. Still today we have the same Norfolk Bay octopus that sits proudly on our logo, it’s our heritage.

Being content with the lifestyle of fishing of a night and processing octopus products from the home in the day with ample time to still spend in the garden, Rosalie never wanted to take the business any further than a run from home business which was a lifestyle choice she enjoyed.


In 2005 Rosalie’s son (Julian) while on holiday from Melbourne showed some interest in the value adding side of Norfolk Bay Octopus and thought about different opportunities that were not filled in the market yet with value added seafood. Rosalie said if you’re interested in it then go for it! So Julian took over Norfolk Bay Octopus and rebranded the business as Norfolk Bay Gourmet Seafoods.

After seeing the flaws on relying on a wild fishery for supply of raw product with the octopus, Julian shifted the focus away from octopus and developed a strategic partnership with Tasmania’s biggest mussel grower Spring Bay Seafoods.

As it happened Spring Bay were collecting their mussel spat from Norfolk Bay at the time and then taking it out to grow in Spring Bay, which made it possible to market our mussels as Norfolk Bay Mussels.

Julian Schwertfeger, Manager

Since 2005 as a business Norfolk Bay has come a long way in terms of growth and quality. In 2005 the Australian value added mussel industry didn’t even exist. Now we have a state of the art HACCP approved processing facility using the only mussel meat extracting processing line in the country. We have also invested in new industry leading smoking equipment, which combined with our years of experience has enabled us to perfect our smoking techniques to produce very high quality products using as much natural local ingredients as we can.

Today you can find Norfolk Bay smoked mussels in major supermarket chains, independents, tourist establishments, luxury resorts, vineyards, B&B’s and many more.

“Norfolk Bay Gourmet Seafood’s is always looking into the future for innovation and will continue to develop our product range into other exciting lines. We are passionate about what we do and will always strive to make quality paramount in our products. From the ingredients we use to the manufacturing process we employ, its quality that people have come to expect from our brand and quality that represents some of the best products Tasmania has to offer.”

Julian Schwertfeger,
Owner / Manager