Want to visit the Norfolk Bay area?


Tessellated PavementsNothing beats a few days exploring a new part of the world that you’ve never experienced before. The sheer excitement of travelling somewhere new and first opening you’re eyes up to things you haven’t seen before, filling your mind with new experiences, tasting new foods and listening to different sounds along with meeting new people is something everyone cherishes and looks forward to in life.

The Norfolk Bay area in south eastern Tasmania will not disappoint even the most seasoned of traveller. It’s a bright shining gem on the Tasmanian tourist trail, and rightly so, with so many attractions natural beauty and history it’s been a popular destination for many years.

Norfolk Bay is surrounded by the Forrester Peninsula to the east and the Tasman peninsula to the west and south, with the waterway joining Frederick Henry bay to the north.

It’s a place that’s rich in colonial heritage having Australia’s first penal settlement at Port Arthur which is the state’s most important tourist attraction along with other convict ruins such as the Coal Mines at Saltwater River. You can drive around to many convict sights and walk through the ruins while stopping to read about all the old stories of treachery and struggles from the convict times.

The natural beauty of the area is exceptionally unique and stunning, which makes it a true photographers dream. From giant eucalypt rain forests to bleached white beaches and soft rolling green pastures, it’s a place that’s very special in Tasmania.


Boats at Taranna Norfolk Bay


The beautiful township of Eaglehawk Neck has amazing rock formations such as the tessellated pavements that look exactly like as they describe them (as pavements you would see in a city) which have been caused by thousands of years of tidal movement across the rocks. Also the rock formations of Tasman’s arch and Devils Kitchen are must sees.

From the towns harbour you can take a boat tour along the rugged coast where you can see the stunning coastline of the Tasman Peninsula, which showcases beautiful untouched rainforests with giant waterfalls falling straight into the ocean from towering sea cliffs, some of which are the highest in the southern hemisphere at 300 meters above sea level. You can spend hours watching dolphins play in the water and watch albatrosses and eagles swooping down from their high perches.

If fishing is your thing then the Tasman Peninsula is an anglers dream, the continental shelf runs parallel to the peninsular and deep sea game fish are of plenty. There are numerous deep sea fishing tour businesses that are located in the area that supply fully catered for services. Otherwise if you like a more sheltered approach, the waters of Norfolk Bay provide excellent flat head fishing along with many other species.

Port Arthur Tasman Peninsula Cliffs

There are many great camping sites in the Tasman national park which are operated by the Parks and Wildlife department, but if you prefer a bit more comfort then there are numerous friendly bed and breakfasts tucked away on charming estates, as well as holiday parks that are great for the family and a number of hotels with fully licencedrestaurants catering to all.

Bushwalking tracks crisscross the peninsula making it a very popular spot for hikers. Walks include some of the best in Tasmania such as the three capes walk, and the Waterfall Bay to Fortescue Bay walk, however there are many more less-known walks that are just as spectacular.

Kayaking in Norfolk Bay is very popular and people always love to spend an afternoon just paddling around the calm waters of the bay looking at different rock features and stopping off for a swim or snorkel at one of the many beaches.

There are so many things to do and see in the area we have only just scratched the surface on a few. So the best advice one can give, is go and see it for yourself. Life is short…too short not to see Norfolk Bay and the beautiful Tasman Peninsula!

Julian Schwertfeger,
Owner / Manager